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An amazing interview! I had to pull off the road, partway through I was so excited. So much resonance with my/our journey on the cofounding team of Empower Health, the incubator arm of our holistic, integrated, psychedelic ecosystem based in Vancouver, BC. We have explored collaboration with Heroic Hearts, we are bringing a former practitioner with a Beckley Waves on board, we are incubating a management services organization that can support practice partnerships while maintaining practitioner sovereignty and compliance to code of ethics and practice standards. We are also implementing a steward, stakeholder model which recognizes the tensions between profit, governance and ownership and can dance nimbly within them. And this vision, which emerged from indigenous healing practices and wisdom traditions, roots us in and orient us towards an overarching goal of truth, reconciliation, equality and well-being for all peoples. Would love to learn and share more about our common interests and passions in this area!

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