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Jun 19, 2020Liked by Zach Haigney

Another interesting example of deuterium-modification of a drug is work in Bill Fantegrossi's lab led by Michael Berquist that adds deuteriums to the 3,4-methylenedioxy bridge on MDMA, under the hypothesis that it might decrease the ability of enzymes to open the bridge and form toxic metabolites. They show it modestly but significantly alters PK/PD and are currently working on answering the question of whether it alters neurotoxicity.

I would disagree that ibogaine has been derisked by use. Unexpected deaths have occurred in clinical use, while its traditional use has been limited geographically. Other well known traditional natural psychedelics have spread across greater areas and populations. Aside from the known CYP2D6 risk factor, there may be other yet undiscovered risk factors that are rare in the population traditionally using ibogaine.

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