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Nov 17, 2023Liked by Zach Haigney

This was an excellent post, very informative around the meaningful work being done to integrate difficult experiences. More specific, involved, and informed integration support is definitely needed, even if those who need it are in a small — but significant — minority. For instance, recently I read a post by someone feeling a sense of detachment from the world after a session with Ayahusca. What interested me most was that 42 years ago while on a long meditation retreat in India was I was hoping for an experience much like the one she described. In Advaita Vedanta, such “witnessing” experiences are interpreted as awakening to the silent level of transcendent self (sakshin) that remains uninvolved with one’s daily activities, allowing one to integrate that deeper level of being into one’s life. This highlights how interpretation of experience can influence whether experiences are thought negative or positive, and such cases highlight the difficulties of competent support. Thanks for the post. Dana Sawyerr, Professor emeritus of religious studies, Maine College of Art & Design.

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