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Hi Zach.

Well done on an informative and accurately researched article bringing a lot of information together in one place to show the journey of Western Psychological Analysis progress Paradigms as we have journeyed from the Mid 20th Century to present day.

I know that you have been putting information out in Manageable Bite Sizes and Chapters for possibly ease of assimilation purposes.

However in this instance as the Phenomenology of Spirit is so intrinsically interlinked and connected with what you have already said and inferred I feel that you should have progressed the article to the next more natural Cut Off Point to fully explain the Spiritual Phenominological Link as understood in many Non Monoetheistic Eastern Cultures whereby everything is effectively Energy, or Route Consciousness.

When we understand this and the Journey of Western Psychology to effectively arrive at the Opened Door of this Paradigm, then it becomes easier to understand and explain some of the falings of this Western Approach.

Additionally it becomes easier to explain how Pscycedelics can effectively lead to a shortening of the natural path to fully understand this new paradigm; a point more traditionally possibly reached by Meditation, Yogic and Taoist Jouneys to allow the Self to be fully experientially understood and thereby understand that Body, Mind, Soul; Plants, Animals, Nature, its all the same. Consciousness or Energy, however you want to paraphrase it.

Keep Writing.

Definitely a Fan.


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