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Adele Getty

My thoughts Spring Equinox 2020.....

This is a time of choices

This is the time of remembering

Civilizations rise and fall, this we know.

It’s quite likely the world as we have known it will never be the same.

The Crown virus will humble us and we will take a knee, again and again.

The best laid plans will become dust in the winds of time.

This is the Great Leveling.

A wake up call is sounding around the planet.

Untold opportunities are sprouting around this Equinox .

That which has become corrupt can be corrected.

Inequities and absurdities of lives out of balance can come back into harmony.

The establishment is no longer stable, the center is not holding.

The wisdom of youth demands a new green deal.

The impulse towards life and future generations is strong in their bodies.

Greta Thunberg, like a young Jean de Arc is a torch bearer, Speaking Truth to power.

She will not be burned at the stake.

This is a time of wonder and resilience.

In a matter of weeks we have seen the air around our planet clearing.

The undaunted human spirit of creativity is alive and making us laugh online.

Italians sing on their balconies together.

Spaniards clap city wide in gratitude for nurses and doctors.

The planet catches it breath.

We seek one another out in virtual space for connection, for comfort, for laughter, for solace and love.

The petty tyrants and dictators masks fall away and the face of madness is there for all to see.

We avert our eyes in embarrassment from the greedy, from the predators, the psychic vampires and zombies.

Suddenly trillions of dollars available for who ? Bailouts to corporations, CEOs exit packages?

Who will be accountable, and how will it help those most in need?

Brilliant minds can restructure economic systems and shift from transactional corrupt systems to transformational equality.

The world can no longer afford to worship at the altar of economic pragmatism.

This is a time of opportunity and revisioning.

The massive suffering and fear in the world over there, is over here now.

We will be challenged to lift one another up.

We will be challenged by the nonviolent teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King.

The signs and omens have been leading us to this actuality

Fires, floods, earthquakes, climate change, mass extinctions.....

This is not a biblical moment.

This is not the wrath of some off the planet god.

This is what we have created to wake ourselves up from a four thousand year old sleep.

This is us living and dying, laughing and crying.

This is us with our children, smelling the flowers, hearing a song bird, breathing fresh air.

This is us with our hearts cracked open, our minds expanded, the doors of perception cleansed.

This is us alert and aware, dreaming ourselves awake.

This is a tipping point beyond our wildest dreams.

We were made for this moment, our ancestors survived more than this and they prepared us well.

It’s lives in our DNA. It’s been handed down through the generations.

This is the Spring of Our Remembering.

Adele Getty Spring Equinox 2020

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