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Apr 4, 2023Liked by Zach Haigney

Zach - thanks for your laser sharp narrative regarding this unprecedented time for both psychedelics and AI. I am a (mostly) underground psychedelic therapist in Vancouver Canada, and we are desperately in need of open dialogue as more and more people reach out to us for help. We need collaboration and support in this space. Underground or above-ground. I am growing weary of speaking in whispers and hushed tones about all of this. These medicines are becoming more freely available everywhere now let's find our courage and speak up about it all. These medicines are saving lives. I witness it constantly in my personal and professional psychedelic practice. There is no denying the healing power of these substances. So let's please start talking openly about when, how, who and where to access them safely and optimally. Naomi (Vancouver, B.C.)

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