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In respect to the life of an important researcher I offer my condolences, my respects. Rolands life & his influence on those who looked up to him serves an important aspect to humanity. RIP Roland.

That said Roland Griffiths didn’t “revive research in Entheogen’s, Psychedelics, Hallucinogens or any of the Psilocybe Species that contain Psilocybin”. Many of us, never stopped researching especially during prohibition which continues to this day! We never stopped working with these Sacraments because we KNOW THEM & they KNOW US.

Walter Pahnke’s research ended in the 1970’s and I would posit that it was Walter Pahnke, not Roland, that arrived at the Psilocybin occasions Mystical experiences several decade’s before Roland would... I expect there will be those who disagree and that’s fine, to each their own. I know that in 1970, 1980 & 1990 Roland Griffiths wasn’t a name in Psilocybin research anywhere...

My deepest condolences to those immediate family members & friends who love Roland. I offer up this Grace to those in mourning.

Roland will never truly be gone as long as you celebrate your love of his life by celebrating those parts of Roland that made you smile. The quips he used, the way he smiled, his laugh, the feeling of his hugs, all those novel moments experienced will never disappear as long as you make them a conscious life practice here forward.

Loved ones live in our lives, through the grace of our love of them!


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