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#16: Greg Kubin: The Varieties of Mental Health Innovation

#16: Greg Kubin: The Varieties of Mental Health Innovation

Welcome back to The Trip Report Podcast, a production of Beckley Waves, a Psychedelic Venture Studio.

This week, I am speaking with Greg Kubin, co-host of the Business Trip Podcast and co-founder and partner at PsyMed Ventures, a fund investing in frontier mental health technologies and treatments.

Greg and I chat pretty regularly, sometimes weekly, about the state of play in psychedelics, neurotech, investing, consciousness, and a rapidly changing world.

As an early-stage investor in frontier mental health and wellness technologies, Greg has a unique lens into what future approaches and landscapes might look like.

A recent focus in my writing has been the ‘emergent paradigms’ afoot that are nearing—or achieved—tipping points in their acceptance and application; in this conversation, Greg and I discuss a handful of these topics, including:

  • The Gut-Brain-Axis and the innovations afoot in diagnostics and precision pre & probiotics

  • Metabolic Health, its impact on mental health, and tools like the ketogenic diet

  • Neurotechnology and Brain-Computer Interface for diagnostics and therapeutics

We also discuss:

  • The origin story of PsyMed Ventures and the Business Trip Podcast

  • The pharmaceutical industrial complex

  • The relationship between academic research and commercialization and the archetype of the “Entrepreneurial Scientist.”

As well as many colorful tangents, digressions, and detours.

And now, I bring you my conversation with Greg Kubin.

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The Trip Report by Beckley Waves
The Trip Report
The Trip Report is a podcast and newsletter about the business, science, and policy developments of the evolving psychedelic field. While the main organizing theme is psychedelics, it is really about the many different domains that are converging to bring about this field and the assembly of what many believe to be a “New Paradigm” in science, medicine, and our understanding of the human experience. Our goal is to foster an educated and informed psychedelic ecosystem, and to do that, we will feature in-depth conversations with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance.