Jun 16 • 3M

Introducing The Trip Report Podcast

By Beckley Waves

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Zach Haigney
The Trip Report is a podcast and newsletter about the business, science, and policy developments of the evolving psychedelic field. While the main organizing theme is psychedelics, it is really about the many different domains that are converging to bring about this field and the assembly of what many believe to be a “New Paradigm” in science, medicine, and our understanding of the human experience. Our goal is to foster an educated and informed psychedelic ecosystem, and to do that, we will feature in-depth conversations with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance.
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Introducing The Trip Report podcast by Beckley Waves, hosted by creator and author Zach Haigney. Beckley Waves, a venture studio spearheaded by psychedelic science and policy pioneer Amanda Feilding, seeks to build and support the infrastructure necessary for safe, legal and accessible psychedelic experiences. Expanding on our popular newsletter, the podcast is our latest endeavor to create a well-informed psychedelic ecosystem.

Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace across science, politics, the economy, technology, and culture. A major part of this change is the reintegration of psychedelics into scientific research and, consequently, mainstream culture. After decades of stigmatization, these powerful compounds are now recognized for their immense therapeutic potential, addressing some of our toughest mental health challenges like depression, PTSD, and addiction. But it's not just about healing; psychedelics are being increasingly used for spiritual practices, personal evolution, and exploration of the mind and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

However, as psychedelics gain popularity, we face a unique set of challenges. How do we navigate the diverse viewpoints, applications, environments, and motivations surrounding these mind-altering substances that have, until recently, been illegal? This question forms the basis of our podcast's mission: to explore the complex, exciting, and rapidly evolving world of psychedelic business, policy reform, cultural adoption, and scientific research.

The Trip Report podcast aims to be a hub for diverse voices from across the psychedelic spectrum – the builders, therapists, psychonauts, scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, regulators, and even the detractors and skeptics. We're not just talking; we're connecting – individuals with ideas, people with each other, and listeners with the broader developments of this new paradigm.

Together, let’s dive deep into the evolving psychedelic landscape, scrutinizing its intriguing dynamics, complexities, challenges, and opportunities, in an attempt to understand this unprecedented shift in human consciousness and society. We hope you'll join us on this journey.

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