Sitemap - 2022 - The Trip Report by Beckley Waves

Psychedelic & Spirituality Research; Insurance Coverage in Canada; Psychedelic Services-Not Shops

Psychedelic Insurance; Patent Pledge; Subjective Experience > Therapeutic Alliance

DEA Increases Psychedelic Quota; Berkley CA to Decrim LSD?; CO Governor to Appoint Advisory Panel

MAPS Completes Phase III Trial; Bipartisan Senate Bill & Congressional Caucus; UK's NHS Rejects Spravato (again);

Colorado's Prop 122 Passes; Rural Oregon: NIMBY

Beckley Psytech Acquires Eleusis; Another look at Colorado's Prop 122; PAT for Smoking Cessation is a Cultural Wedge;

Colorado to Vote on Psychedelic Bill; BrainFutures PAT Report; Trial of MDMA for Cancer patients and their partners

Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Study & Compass' Phase III Trial Design

Alberta to Regulate Psychedelics; Roland Griffiths' Sage Advice; Psychedelics for Pain

Software Assisted Ketamine Therapy; DEA Pushes Back on Right-to-Try Case;

Psychedelic-Induced Neuroplasticity; Updates from the Beckley Ecosystem; The Trip Report Live

The Trip Report Live: A Deep Dive Into State & Federal Psychedelic Policy

Expanded Access; Microdosing & Meditation Study

San Francisco Decriminalizes Psychedelics-What Does it Mean?

Psychedelic Hype Cycle Revisited; Oregon's Rules; DEA Backs Off...Again

Psilocybin for Alcohol Use Disorder; Religious Use Update; Psychedelic Use at All-Time High

State Policy Updates; Terran Sues Compass; Canadians Sue Government

As California Goes...

A Federal Psychedelic Strategy?

The Varieties of State-Level Psychedelic Policy: Part 1

Right to Try, Try, Try Again

Right to Try; Psychedelics in Defense Spending Bill; Updates from Oregon

How to Change Your Culture & Ketamine in the Coal Mine Revisited

Policy Updates from CA, CO & NJ; Psychedelics & Religion; MAPS' Group Protocol;

Psychedelic Patents; Psychedelic Infrastructure; Psychedelic Botanicals

KPMG's Guidance for Big Pharma on Psychedelics & Pennsylvania's Policy Pivot

Tech Support: Technological Infrastructure for Psychedelic Therapy

Listening to Spravato & Psychedelic Policy Updates

Beckley Waves

Introducing 'The Trip Report' by Beckley Waves

Religious Use in Oregon; Psychedelics @ Davos; Wearable Brain Imaging

Connecticut's Psychedelic Treatment Program; US Senators Press NIH/FDA for Psychedelic Plans; Phase II results of LSD for Anxiety

Elon Musk Promotes Psychedelics; Italy Schedules Ayahuasca; DTC Controlled Substances Under Scrutiny by DEA

Do Psychedelic ‘Professionals’ Need Psychedelic Experience?

God, is that you?

Twitter Peer Review

Great Expectations

atai's Strategy Update

Mapping the Mind with Psychedelics

Psychedelics Inc; Compass; Oregon; Gilgamesh; Connecticut; Cybin & Kernel;

Naturalistic Research & Behavioral Psychedelics

Trial Design; Policy Design; Healthcare Groups Pressure DEA for Online Prescribing

Psychedelic Hype Cycle; Employer KAP Coverage; MDMA Cost-Evaluation Analysis; Onboarding Underrepresented Groups

DMT Phase I Update; DEA Allows Psilocybin Cultivation; FDA promotes Spravato; Michigan's Decrim Measure

Group Ketamine Pilot; Therapist Training Platform's Seed Round; Durable Response to PAT at 12 Month Follow up

The Mindful Metaverse; Intravenous Psilocin; MindState Design

Microdosing: A Major Headache in Oregon-- 9th Circuit on Right-to-Try: Try Again-- January News Review