Sitemap - 2020 - The Trip Report by Beckley Waves

Slowing Down

MDMA Saves Money; Can Psychedelics Save America? Science & Religion; Business Highlights

At-Home Treatment, Facilities Fees, and Consensus

Field Trip IPO; MindMed + NYU: News & Events

Botanical Pharmaceutical Co. Enters Psychedelic Space

Psychiatrists & Decriminalize Nature Oppose Oregon Ballot Measure

Strategy Analysis: Numinus & Field Trip; Oregon's Measure 109 Faces Opposition; Mithoefers Join AWAKN SAB; MindMed to study Psilocybin

A New Dawn: Canadian Exodus & Alternative Capital

UC Berkeley's Psychedelic Science Center; COMPASS Pathways Road Show; News, Headlines, and Events

Psychoplastogens, Corporate Responsibility, and Shareholder Leverage

Non-Obvious Inflection Points towards Mainstreaming

NHS rejects Spravato; Psych Congress features psychedelics; AWAKN's Research Division; New Aussie Rules, & more

Australia's Potential Rescheduling of MDMA & Psilocybin Could Effect...Everything

Skin in the Game

COMPASS Pathways IPO: Part 1

LSD for Pain; Inflammation informed Mental health; Matthew Johnson to Speak at University of Kansas Addiction Center

MindMed & ATAI's new Programs; Usona Restarts Trials; Considering Resilience

Psilocybin Cultivation and Delivery Trends

Prohibition, Bureaucracy and the limits of Decriminalization

Software Assisted, Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy: part 4/n

Revisiting Psychedelic Synthesis and Manufacturing

The State of the Emerging Psychedelic...Industry Part 2

Ketamine in the Coal Mine; Real-world psilocybin mushroom study launches; UK Rescheduling efforts Continue

The State of the Emerging Psychedelic...Industry Part 1

What Does TheraPsil's Victory Mean?

Canada Approves Compassionate Use & other Policy Updates; Mindleap's Digital Platform; Bioethics & Drug Synthesis update

The Trip Report Community

A Correction and an Apology

Follow up: Synthesis/Manufacturing Conundrum; news and headlines

Listening to Cannabis; MindMed Update; Manufacturing Questions and more

The Bureaucratic Burden on Psychedelic Science

Update on DMT Race & Decrim Efforts in Oakland/Canada

ATAI's Aya Project; Prohibition's Burden; Psychedelics for Pain; Challenge of Mental Illness; and more

Has Mydecine/Neuropharm Discovered an Overlooked Accelerated Approval Pathway?

Psychedelics & Digital Phenotyping

AWAKN earns their Nutt; ATAI adds Kratom; a Legal primer for psychedelic co's; Champignon Wounded

Psychedelics meet Drug Delivery Innovation

Psychedelics-as-a-Service Revisited

Update from the Oregon Trail; Beckley to develop 5-MeO-DMT; COMPASS restarts Phase II; and more

Software Assisted Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy: Part 2/n

The Week in Review

Software-Assisted Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Part 1

Champignon: the jig is up or just a slap on the wrist?

Highlights and Analysis of ATAI's Fireside Chat

CORRECTION: Psychedelic Effect Size; Stock Index; DARPA funding; Canadian Circus Update

Psychedelic Effect Size; Stock Index; DARPA funding; Canadian Circus Update

MAPS; Numinus; Bill Clinton's Brother?

Crazy Idea: Pre-Approval Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Decrim Canada; Tania de Jong Interview; Therapsil does God's Work; MindMed's LSD for Cluster Headaches

The Trip Report Interview with Tania de Jong Executive Director of Mind Medicine Australia

Business & Science News Round up

Psychedelic Incubator; COMPASS Adds to SAB; Yeast: beer, bread & DMT;

George Floyd, the War on Drugs, and Psychedelics

Eleusis' New Patent & 'Health Solutions' Division

Psychedelics for Chronic Pain? The Problem and The Unmet Need

Numinus, Novamind, E.I. Foundation, Oregon Update

Cannabis Clinic ≠ Psychedelic Clinic

We're all going to die: TsuNumi Warning! & Champignon is an actual thing?

Off Label Use vs. Method of Use Patent

Psychedelic Premortem Categories

MAPS' Interim Analysis; Dr. Kim Kuypers named PI on LSD for ADHD

The Machine Elf will see you now: DMT in clinical Medicine

The Week's Headlines


Canada, Hit the Brakes eh?; Meeting of the Five Families; Psychiatry Weighs in on Psychedelics

Healthy Growth; Usona & OrthoG's Turn to shine; Psychedelic Overton Window

Compass points to the bank; 2nd Generation Psychedelics; Mushroom Orchard

Tim Ferriss' Future Involvement in Psychedelics

ATAI Raises $24 Million; Manufacturing Considerations; CAAMTech Synthesizes 5-MeO-DALT

MAPS on Commercialization; MindMed: Bad Trip? No Problem; DecrimNatureDC Has the Data and a Plan

A Quick Glance at Octarine

If MAPS Is a Public Benefit Corp, Should We All Be?

Psilly gets serious; Mindset is everything; Digital Season just getting started

Field Trip Discovery & Interview w/ CEO Ronan Levy

A Small Celebration of MAPS

The Last Mile Problem Part 2: The Innovation and Delivery Divide

MindMed's LSD Acquisition

Correction: Numinus and the 'Picks and Shovels' of Psychedelic Medicine

Numinus and the 'Picks and Shovels' of Psychedelic Medicine

Trip Report Update; Virtual Conference; ATAI's Messaging, Tim Ferris Insight; and more

Strategy Decisions; Peyote issues; Perception phase I

Psychedelics as a Service: Oregon Update

MindMed's Ark; AYA Defense Fund; Set & Setting Study; COVID-19 Updates

A History Lesson; Brilliant Larry; Industry Report; Ketamine at home; and more.

Decriminalization clarity; Mindbloom's weird flex; and more

COMPASS' Patent Dispute; Psychedelic Renaissance in the shadow of a Cannabis Clusterf*ck; MindMed brings on Matthew Johnson; MAPS Practices Social Distancing

COVID-19 Update #2: DecrimCA Update; Cyclica chips in; Convincing the Ayahuasca community; Cancellations

COVID-19 Comes for the Psychedelic Movement

A Survey of Decriminalization & Legalization Efforts

A Short Primer on Eleusis

Sexual Assault; Decrim Oakland Update; Field Trip Launches

MindMed; Psychedelics + Virtual Reality; Growing Pains; PsyTech Postponed; Job Listings

MindMed Goes Public with 18-MC

Entheon Biomedical sics the Big Dogs on addiction; CaaMTech update and Headlines

Retreat or Clinic? Jamaican me Crazy!; Therapist Training Resources; your dream job and the week's headlines

Could a new diagnosis help psychedelics address opioid use disorder?

Psychedelic Media & Journalism Worth Following

Psychedelics in Fortune mag; Denver's shroom council; VP Pence in the house?; illegal drugs are dangerous drugs; more press releases

Pro Subscribers Only: What do you want to know about iCAN &PsyTech?

The Trip Report Interview with Unlimited Sciences Co-Founder Del Jolly

Special Dispatch: Psychedelic Non-Profits Worth Supporting

Psychedelic Partnerships: Synthesis+4 Sigmatic; Revive+Red Light; YG+TLS; How to Spot a Lemon

How to Spot a Lemon

Field Trip's Series A; Psychedelic Jobs; DC's First Step; Scientology be trippin'; and Other News

Larry David for Oakland plant medicine czar; Big Johnson gets the shaft; 'Forrest Gump of bitcoin' hypes psychedelics & more

The Trip Report is Going Pro

DemeRx has patents for days; Oh Ehave!; Natural Psilocybin solution; Psychedelic Exceptionalism;

"It's Coming Faster Than You Think": Takeaways from The Economics of Psychedelic Investing Conference

MAPS Expands Access; Ibogaine pitched @ Davos; 'Psilocybin' Trademarked and more

Required Reading for Psychedelic Entrepreneurs and Investors: Part 1

DecrimCA update; Psychedelic Investor Seminar; COMPASS' Patent; Usona's anti-patent

Psychedelic Leaders' 2019 Reviews and 2020 Outlooks

Mayor Pete goes full send; MDMA's PR problem; Caribbean Shroom Boom continues; ATAI goes nasal; STAT News & Bloomberg get Psychedelic

Eroom's Shrooms: Are Psychedelics Better than The Beatles?

FDA getting cold feet? Denver's mushroom committee, California update; That Guy from 60 Mins; Compass' review